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Name of BookCoffee Grounds Trading System PDF
Name of AuthorPK Tournis
Language of BookEnglish
Size of Book1 MB
Total pages in Ebook206
Category of BookTrading

Book Summary: Coffee Grounds Trading System PDF

The “Coffee Grounds Trading System” is a unique and unconventional trading approach that utilizes coffee grounds patterns to predict stock market movements. While the concept may seem unorthodox, it has gained attention among some traders due to its reported success in identifying market trends.

The system involves observing the patterns formed by coffee grounds at the bottom of a cup after brewing coffee. These patterns are then interpreted to determine potential buy or sell signals for specific stocks. Proponents of the system claim that these patterns can provide valuable insights into future market behavior.

While the scientific validity of the “Coffee Grounds Trading System” remains debatable, it has attracted a following of traders who believe in its ability to predict market movements. The system’s simplicity and reliance on readily available materials make it appealing to some, while others find its unconventional approach intriguing.

Despite its popularity among some traders, it’s important to note that the “Coffee Grounds Trading System” lacks rigorous scientific backing. Its effectiveness remains largely anecdotal, and there is no concrete evidence to support its ability to predict market movements with consistent accuracy.

Due to the lack of scientific evidence and the inherent randomness of coffee grounds patterns, relying solely on the “Coffee Grounds Trading System” for making investment decisions is not advisable. It is essential to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions based on this system or any other unconventional trading method.

The book outlines a stock trading system that utilizes technical analysis to identify stocks that are ready to experience a significant price increase, or “break out.” The system involves using various technical indicators, such as moving averages and relative strength index, to analyze the historical price and volume data of a stock in order to predict future price movements.

The author emphasizes the importance of proper risk management and discipline in following the system’s rules for entering and exiting trades. The book also includes detailed examples and case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system in real-world scenarios. Overall, the Coffee Grounds Trading System provides a comprehensive guide for traders looking to use technical analysis to identify and profit from potential breakout opportunities in the stock market.

IntroductionTrend Following vs. Momentum Trading
Trend Following Trading System
Momentum Trading
What Is Momentum Trading?Strengths
Who is it ideal for
The Differences and Overlaps Between…Momentum Trading And Trend Trading
Coffee Grounds Trading SystemA Powerful Hybrid of Momentum And Trend Following
Deconstruction Of The Coffee Grounds…How Coffee Grounds Trading System Works
Rules For Coffee Grounds Trading System
How The Rules And Parameters Come Together In The System
Coffee Grounds Trading System -…Advantages And Important Considerations
The Exit Strategy
How Different Types Of Investors And Traders Can Benefit
Professional Traders/Retail Traders
Seasoned Investors
Novice Retail Investors/Traders
Building A Portfolio With Coffee…Grounds Trading System
Stocks MentionedMicroStrategy Incorporated
Plby Group
Carvana Co
The Full Potential Of A Coffee Grounds…Trading System Portfolio

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Excerpts From the Book

Trend Following vs. Momentum Trading

Before we get into the specifics of trend following and momentum trading, it’s important to remember that these are two of many approaches to trading (we will discuss a few more near the end of the book). They don’t encapsulate everything about investing, and there are several other time-tested strategies that have worked for traders for decades.

But there are several reasons why we have chosen to create our hybrid trading model, i.e., Coffee Grounds Trading System, with these two trading strategies, and to understand them, we first have to take you through the original trend following and momentum trading strategies. When you understand what they are, how they work, and their respective strengths and weaknesses, you will have the proper foundation to absorb and follow our proprietary trading system.

Trend Following Trading System

Trend following is one of the most commonly used systems or strategies employed by a wide array of short-term to long-term traders.
What Is Trend Following? Trend trading or trend following aims to identify and capture value from both upward and downward trends in a stock’s movement. An “uptrend” is characterized by higher lows and higher highs. Similarly, a “downtrend” is characterized by lower swing highs and lower swing lows.

But higher and lower compared to what? This is where different traders have different interpretations of trends.


  • You can get in relatively early in an upward trend (long-term), capturing more of the upside.
  • If you bind your exit strategy with the right indicators (like ATR), you can find a good balance between exiting too early or too late. It might not be a maximum-profit approach, but it can be significantly safer.
  • Your trading frequency and, consequently, the time and energy you spend on trading might be lower than most other strategies, even if you are following micro trends. This makes it ideal for traders with day jobs.
  • Since it leans more towards cutting losses than maximizing profits, the long-term returns are likely to be favorable/ positive.

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