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Name of Book101 Option Trading Secrets PDF
Name of AuthorKenneth R. Trester
Language of BookEnglish
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Book Summary: 101 Option Trading Secrets PDF

101 Option Trading Secrets” by Kenneth Trester is a comprehensive guide to navigating the world of options trading, unraveling its complexities, and empowering individuals to make informed decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a curious newcomer, this book offers a wealth of insights and practical strategies to enhance your understanding and maximize your potential success.

Trester, a renowned options trading expert with over 30 years of experience, meticulously dissects the intricacies of options trading, guiding readers through the fundamentals and advanced concepts alike. He delves into the core principles of supply and demand, the art of identifying winning setups, and the power of using options to hedge against risks.

The book’s comprehensive approach encompasses a wide range of topics, including:

  • The Secret to Hitting Home Runs: Trester unveils strategies that can lead to substantial gains, highlighting the potential for 1000% returns.
  • The Secret to Winning More Than 90% of the Time: He emphasizes the importance of risk management and teaches readers how to consistently make winning trades.
  • The Secret Use of the Computer to Beat the Options Game: Trester introduces powerful technical indicators and chart analysis techniques to gain an edge in the market.
  • The Secrets to Avoid Losing Strategies: He exposes common pitfalls and mistakes, equipping readers with the knowledge to avoid costly losses.
  • The Secret Weapon of the Options Buyer: Trester reveals a powerful tool that gives options buyers an advantage over sellers.
  • The Secret to Designing Win-Win Option Plays: He demonstrates how to structure trades that profit regardless of market movements.
  • The Secret of Trading Stocks and Mutual Funds with Little Downside Risk: Trester delves into options strategies that can limit downside risk while still offering the potential for significant gains.

Throughout the book, Trester’s passion for options trading shines through, as he seamlessly blends theoretical concepts with practical applications. He utilizes numerous real-world examples and charts to illustrate his points, ensuring that readers can grasp the complexities of options trading in a clear and concise manner.

“101 Option Trading Secrets” is not just a collection of trading secrets; it’s a roadmap to becoming a more confident and successful options trader. Trester’s expertise and guidance empower readers to take control of their trading decisions and navigate the dynamic options market with greater clarity and precision

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Excerpts From the Book


Options trading has been considered by many to be speculative and dangerous, and the buying of stock, in comparison, to be conservative and safe. Despite these views, the bear market of 2000-2002 saw the Nasdaq dive in value, with many high-flying stocks dropping 90% in value.

Truly, buying stocks in the 90’s bull market was like walking through a minefield blindfolded. If you owned the wrong stocks and you were caught in the bear market downdraft, your portfolio would have been in devastating danger.

Here lies the secret advantage of trading options. If you would have owned options instead, you could have greatly limited your losses. The big advantage of options is that you have outstanding leverage, but (and here is the key) with limited risk. You can only lose what you pay for the options, and that can be a small amount.

Therefore, instead of owning high-flying tech internet stocks that have a dramatic amount of downside risk, you could receive the same kind of leverage by buying options and utilizing option strategies yet only risking 10% of your portfolio.

The advantage of option trading does not stop there. Options provide a way to buy stocks at lower prices and, while you’re waiting for the stocks to drop to lower prices, make money. Options provide a way to earn additional income from your portfolio, and options enable you to buy an insurance policy on your stock portfolio that is not available from any insurance company.

With options, you can design investment strategies that will profit regardless of what the market does. Besides, you can design these strategies with extremely attractive risk-reward pictures, much better than any other investments. Furthermore, options enable you to design strategies that will win over 90% of the time.

For speculators, options provide the opportunity for spectacular gains. Gains of 1000% are not that difficult to attain. Over the years from 1982 to 1999 that I wrote the option advisory letter, The Trester Complete Option Report, the overall theoretical performance of our option buying recommendations showed over 1500% return in two of the seventeen years.

One of our recommendations showed a 10,000% gain. Even during the bear market of 2000-2002, there was an opportunity for great success. For example, I bought call options on Philip Morris (MO) at 2.5 ($250), one of my few option purchases for the year 2000, that rose to 27 ($2700). This was almost a 1000% return.

Moreover, options enable the speculator to become a casino, where you take the bets instead of make the bets. Here you can truly make a living as an option trader.

Options are an extremely valuable risk-reduction, profit-maximizer tool. In fact, for all investors, options are an extremely valuable tool and can be used with all of your investment activities.

But, like all miracle drugs, options must be used with prudence and proper care, for if you overdose, options can be dangerous to your financial health.

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